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December 15, 2018 welcome [member login]


611 Military Road

Mosman NSW 2088

Phone 02 9969 1031

Trading hours

Monday to Friday
9am – 5:30pm

Saturday 9am – 5pm

Sunday 11am – 4:30pm

Enquiries for the Cooking School:

Call Sue or Jenna at the
Cooking School on
02 9969 4911 or email us

Knife sharpening service available

Drop your knives in on any
Monday before 3pm. Pick up
your sharpened knives on
Tuesday after 12:00pm.
Please call ahead before
dropping knives in

Gift registry
service available

Call Sue or Jenna at the shop to talk through the details
02 9969 4911 or email us

Gift Vouchers
now available

Call Accoutrement or drop by anytime to purchase:
02 9969 1031

Classes in August

 CLASS EE070818-002 $120.00 
 Tuesday 7 August 7:00pm 
Emma Ellice-Flint 
Nutritionist and Chef 
Emma is the picture of good health and the best advertisement for eating delicious whole food. This class is centred on cooking with anti ...
 CLASS FS080818-002 $120.00 
 Wednesday 8 August 7:00pm 
Frank Shek 
China Doll 
Frank has always challenged perceptions of what "asian food" should be. His menu at China Doll illustrates a modern take on culinary ...
 CLASS SS130818-002 $120.00 
 Monday 13 August 7:00pm 
Somer Sivrioglu 
Efendy and Anason 
The Turkish cuisine offers a whole host of winter warmers that are ideal for the cold month of August. From soups to hearty vegetable and ...
 CLASS SH140818-002 $120.00 
 Tuesday 14 August 7:00pm 
Stephen Hodges 
Sydney Fresh Seafood 
Pair the freshest bounty from the ocean with the unrivalled seafood expertise of Stephen Hodges (ex Fishface) and you have a teaching and ...
 CLASS RD150818-002 $130.00 
 Wednesday 15 August 7:00pm 
Rodney Dunn 
The Agrarian Kitchen 
Rodney and Severine opened the Agrarian Kitchen Eatery in June 2017 and within 6 months had been promptly awarded two chef's hats. The ...
 CLASS AE180818-001 $225.00 
 Saturday 18 August 10:30am 
Alex Elliott-Howery 
Cornersmith Cafe 
Alex will share her in-depth knowledge of vinegar-based pickling and show you just how creative you can get and how easy it is. Learn about ...
 CLASS DP210818-002 $120.00 
 Tuesday 21 August 7:00pm 
Damien Pignolet 
Chef and Author 
Derived from the French word for “cooked meat”, charcuterie is associated with speciality and gourmet meats that are prepared using ...