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Vincent Gadan

Vincent Gadan

Born in the small farming village of Chalon-Sur-Saone in the Burgundy region of France, a young Vincent Gadan spent his childhood at his mother’s side in the kitchen watching her create and bake cakes and pastries – rather than playing outside with his friends.

At the age of 14 Vincent knew further years in a local high school were not for him. “Studying wasn’t my thing, I hated school and went home every night and cried” says Vincent. After asking himself the question “what am I supposed to be” and listening to his mother’s advice, Vincent’s professional love affair with pastry began.

The young Vincent, at age 15, worked from 4am to 5pm 6 days a week for 2 years for the legendary Patissier Monsieur Perrat, who Vincent describes as “a very, very tough man….but I thank him every day for the knowledge and passion for pastry he gave me.” Vincent then completed his Certificate of Professional Capacity as a Pastry Chef, Confectioner and Chocolate Maker.

With qualifications and a wealth of experience now under his belt, Vincent undertook 1 year of mandatory military service for the French Navy that saw his ship sailing to Australia, representing France at the Australian Bicentenary in 1988. “The moment I stepped foot in Sydney I fell in love, it was like no place I had ever seen, I instantly felt like this was home” says Vincent. With his military service over shortly after arriving home from the Bicentennial mission, Vincent recommenced his commercial career working in a range of hatted and Michelin starred establishments such as Auberge de Cassagne in Avignon France, Normandie Hotel - Manchester England, Lameloise (3 Michelen star) Chagnay France, Le Diamant Rose (1 Michelin star) – Nice and La Bergerie (2 Michelin star) Luxembourg. During his time in Luxemborg Vincent was awarded 1st prize in the coveted Ardennes-Eiffel Culinary Prize.

In 1993 Vincent set his sights on Australia. After applying for Australian residency which was declined Vincent was granted a 3 month working permit to again visit our shores. With his beloved Harley Davidson motorcycle sold, Vincent was bound for Australia. As Vincent recalls “when I arrived in Australia from morning until late at night I went door to door asking people to sponsor me.” With 2 weeks left on his 3 month visa, The Ritz Carlton Double Bay gave Vincent 1 shift to prove his talents. “I made some desserts and cakes and waited for them to make a decision. After their tasting was complete they walked towards me smiling, then I knew my Australian dream would become a reality” says Vincent.

The next 7 years saw Vincent as Heady Pastry Chef at some of Sydney’s most noted restaurants including Bayswater Brasserie, Level 41, Bistro Moncur and Restaurant VII. After a 2 year stint in London at the famed Goring Hotel London (the favoured hotel of Her Majesty the Queen), Vincent returned to Australia as Head Pastry Chef at Guillaume at Bennelong at the Sydney Opera House.

Throughout his time in Australia Vincent has appeared regularly on television shows such as Mornings with Kerrie-Anne, SBS’s Food Safari, Sunrise, Healthy Wealthy & Wise and Fresh.

Vincent left Guillaume at Bennelong to join Patisse as Executive Pastry Chef, where his profile continued to grow and his passion for teaching others to cook was realised. “I love to share my knowledge, be out from behind the oven and experience the joy of teaching others to cook” says Vincent.

During the Patisse years came Vincent’s most notable television appearances – Masterchef. Dubbed the “New Prince of Pain” by Matt Preston for his technical challenge “The Essence of a Woman” set for contestants, the country saw the true passion and high degree of skill that was Vincent Gadan. From here Vincent appeared at Masterchef Live, The Good Food Show, Taste of Sydney and many other food festivals and exhibitions throughout the state, sharing his joy for pastry.

2013 was a stellar year for Vincent with his first cookbook “Homemade Patisserie” released that ranked amongst the top 20 pastry cookbooks in the world on Amazon. It also saw him creating commissions for many of Australia’s leading companies including Nespresso and the commission of Australia’s most expensive Dessert La Perle D’Oman” (The Pearl of Oman) worth $500,000 for the Magnificence of the Middle East Ball.

2014, Vincent is convinced, will be a fantastic one. “I am spending my year teaching, working on my next book and sharing my passion with the world….but this is only the beginning” says Vincent. With plans developing for television, publishing, retail ownership and commission work here and in the United States and Canada, with his tireless work ethic, irreverent nature, big smile and constant creativity, it has truly only just begun for Vincent Gadan.