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Greg Malouf

Greg Malouf

For those who have been lucky enough to eat at Greg Malouf's table both understand and enjoy Middle Eastern food. Paula Wolfert, the San Francisco-based food author, has said of Greg's work: 'I'm sold on him. I don't know of any other chef that can match Greg Malouf's versatility and talent who is working in the medium. ... I like his swing back and forth between old and new and his sensitivity with spices is especially brilliant ... I say this because I cooked through his latest book. He is a brilliant chef. I like the way his food plays with my head.'

Greg's reputation as the creator of a new style of cooking known as 'Modern Middle Eastern' - which has changed forever the perception of Middle Eastern food in the West - reaches far beyond his native Australia. He has in fact worked all over the world, and travelled extensively, yet his dishes remain faithful to the essence of the Middle East.

Greg has produced six beautiful books on different cuisines, the latest being Malouf: New Middle Eastern Food, to continued acclaim. In 2011, he was honoured as Ambassador by The American University in Beirut at their inaugural awards ceremony for his achievements in promoting Lebanese cuisine around the world.

In 2012 Greg left the award winning MoMo restaurant in Melbourne,Australia, to take over the reins at the iconic Petersham Nurseries Café in Richmond, UK. By the end of the year his Middle Eastern take on seasonal dining had earned the restaurant a Michelin star with Rebecca Burr, the editor of the Great Britain and Ireland Guide commenting: ‘Greg Malouf has stamped his own mark on Petersham Nurseries and we are delighted to highlight his original cuisine to our readers.’

This year, Greg has once again taken on an exciting new challenge, moving to Dubai to take his innovative cuisine to the Middle East. His new restaurant in Dubai’s financial district will open in 2014.

Greg is also once again collaborating with his former wife Lucy Malouf on their next book, based on the cuisine of the Arabian Peninsula and due to be published in late 2014.

Greg is a quietly spoken man whose easy-going manner and calm demeanour could not be more at odds with today's crop of excitable, brash television chefs. He describes himself as 'just a humble Lebanese-Australian boy from the suburbs' doing what he loves to do best: cook and eat!