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Martin Boetz

Martin Boetz

Executive chef, Martin Boetz creates scrumptious food that is a delicate blend of Thai and Southern Chinese influences.

German boy, Asian food … it’s not an association that springs readily to mind yet it’s a testament to Australia’s diversity. Born in Germany, Longrain chef, Martin Boetz’s passion for cooking began at an early age in Queensland with an apprenticeship at Lennons’ Brisbane Hotel. He completed his training at Faces, a restaurant then owned by Vincent Rae, now of Byron Bay’s Rae’s on Wategos fame.

Moving to Sydney in 1990, Martin furthered his career at several well-known Sydney restaurants. He worked with David Novak-Piper at Zigolini’s in Double Bay and it was here that Martin first met Sam Christie, who would later become his Longrain business partner. This was followed by a brief stint at The Russell Hotel before moving on to work with his mentor, David Thompson, at Darley Street Thai. (Thompson now owns London’s Michelin starred restaurant Nahm.) It was during this period that Martin first developed a passion and palate for Asian food cooked with the freshest local produce and ingredients.

Martin later went on to run Sailors Thai – another of Thompson’s celebrated Thai restaurant ventures. It was here that he garnered his reputation as one of Australia’s leading talents of contemporary Thai-style Asian cooking. In 2003, Martin was honoured when David Thompson visited from London to officially launch his first cookbook: Longrain Modern Thai Food. Martin has also developed a range of Longrain Produce – there are four delicious Asian sauces to help the home cook create a taste of Longrain for themselves.

In 1999, Martin joined forces with Sam Christie to launch Longrain Restaurant & Bar in Sydney’s Surry Hills and together they also opened Longrain Melbourne.

After leaving Longrain, Martin started on a project he has always wanted to do and opened the Cooks Co op in 2013. It combines his passion for horticulture and food into a project that feels natural, challenging and exciting for him to pursue.

Photographs: Jeremy Simons | Vivid Productions

Longrain - Recipe Book

Chef Martin Boetz from the acclaimed restaurant in Surry Hills, Sydney, has translated 100 of his favourite dishes for cooks to recreate in their home. If you enjoy cooking and eating, you will revel in the flavours that can be found in betel leaves with chicken and chilli relish; eggnets with beansprouts, pork and prawns; warm salad of tea-smoked oysters and chilli jam; and braised beef shin with mint and coriander.

Also featured are recipes for the cocktails and 'stick drinks' that have made the Longrain bar a much-loved meeting place. Most of the ingredients used are readily found in supermarkets, fresh food markets and good Asian produce stores, and a comprehensive illustrated glossary will help cooks identify ingredients such as galangal and pea eggplant. Basic techniques and preparations are demystified, with recipes organised into dish types: starters, soups, salads, and mains.

Illustrated throughout with colour photos, 'Longrain' will delight all who search for flavour.