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Italy 15-25 September 2018

Umbria with Stefano Manfredi and Sue Jenkins Umbria, Umbria with Stefano Manfredi and Sue Jenkins

After a wonderful tour of Piemonte in 2017 where we visited castles and the wonderful winery of Barolo producer Chiara Boschis, a most interesting tasting of Anselmo vermouth, the chocolate laboratory of Guido Gubino and a fresh porcini risotto, cooked and eaten in the enormous courtyard of Tenuta Colombara where the great Acquerello rice is grown, in September 2018 we are heading to Umbria.Umbria is often called the green heart of Italy as well as the land of mysticism and saints with St. Francis and St. Benedict the best known. We’ll visit Assisi of course, especially to see Giotto’s dazzling frescos of St. Francis in the basilica built for the saint in 1228, two years after his death. While there we’ll see the works of Simone Martini and Pietro Lorenzetti, whose paintings are the best of the Sienese School

Umbria, Umbria with Stefano Manfredi and Sue Jenkins

We have secured a beautiful villa, centrally located for our day trips and with a fully equipped kitchen where we will leisurely cook together after going to the local markets. It will be early autumn so porcini will be on the menu as well as the local cheeses, vegetables and salumi that Norcia is so famous for.We’ll make some typical dishes such as Umbricelli pasta with fresh porcini, Pork with Castelluccio lentils, Sausages with Savoy cabbage and potatoes, Ricotta and farro tart, Bread and sugar fritters and much more. We’ll also make our own bread and focaccia.Umbria, Umbria with Stefano Manfredi and Sue Jenkins

Umbria’s hill towns are famous- Spoleto, Montefalco, Spello, Norcia, Gubbio, Todi, Orvieto and Assisi. We haven’t decided yet which of these we’ll visit but each has its own unique history of art, architecture and food. As always, Stefano will probably decide based on where we can find that unique little osteria to have lunch with great dishes and an interesting list of local wines.
Stefano always arranges a visit to one of the best wineries in the area and in Umbria we will visit the beautiful Chiesa del Carmine estate that produces a delicious Trebbiano Spoletino white and a Sangiovese based red called Il Campanile. The estate also produces its own olive oil from around 1100 trees and after a tour of the property we will have a tasting of both wine and oil.Umbria with Stefano Manfredi and Sue Jenkins

Our tours are always varied. On one of the days we will venture into nearby eastern Tuscany to the historical town of Anghiari where the world-famous Busatti linen is produced using Industrial Revolution era looms. Stefano has visited before and both factory and town are must-see though rarely visited by tourists. For the art buffs, they will recall Leonardo’s lost fresco “The Battle of Anghiari” which was fought on the plain just outside the town between the Florentines and the Milanese.We’ll take a leisurely walk though old Anghiari and visit the church of St. Maria delle Grazie to see several 15th and 16th century artworks: the “Madonna of Mercy” by Della Robbia, the “Last Supper” and the “Washing of the Feet” by Sogliani, and the “Deposition” by Puligo.Umbria, Umbria with Stefano Manfredi and Sue Jenkins

If you’ve ever fallen for Baci (meaning “kiss”) you should know that the hazelnut and chocolate confection was first made by the Buitoni family in Perugia. It is still made there and exported all over the world. We may even visit the workshop to see how it’s made.It’s going to be an interesting and enjoyable trip with a maximum of only 10 guests. There will be plenty of time to lay about the pool and enjoy the villa and its beautiful gardens. Of course we will also make some time for serious shopping.

The price is $10,900.00 per person and includes all meals, wine, accommodation and excursions. Land content only and limited to 10 people. We are now taking deposits to secure your place. Please call Jenna or Sue on 02 9969 4911 or email for your Booking Form and Terms and Conditions.